My name is Lisa but most know me as Liezel127 or The Baltimore Paparazzi and was given the name by a local artist named Nic Soprano because of catching the local artists like a paparazzi.  Since 2007 I have been going to local hip-hop venues within the city as well as in D.C., Virginia and New York.  I take pictures of the artists on stage doing what is their passion.  Through my pictures and sometimes even my words those who were unable to attend have been able to look at the pictures and read my re-caps and have a sense of what it was like at the show.

I hope as you go through my site you take your time to absorbed the intensity and passion that these artists put into their craft. 


I also host a radio show called "In The Spotlight" on HardBody Radio Saturday from 6-8pm.  You can tune in on 

www.hardbody410.com, Download the HardBody app for your phone, tune in and watch live on HardBody Radio FB Live

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Thank you!


Lisa aka Liezel127 aka The Baltimore Paparazzi